Patrik Lukasz & Lukas Pribyl

When we paired Lukas Pribyl with Patrik Lukasz we expected a great scene and we weren't disappointed. We find them walking in the Kampa area of Prague and then down by the river as they enjoy an ice-cream. Once they get indoors they begin to kiss and Patrik quickly starts enjoying Lukas' nipples. Lukas helps Patrik off with his shirt and standing behind him feels his body. His hands slip down to Patrik's jeans and grope inside a little. Then Patrik lowers Lukas' pants releasing a quite hard cock. He goes down on the cock and sucks to full hardness. His mouth is nicely encasing the cock as he sucks. They lay on the bed, so that Lukas can lower Patrik's jeans and suck him as well. As they 69 their cocks are rock hard. Lukas moves so that he is on top as they continue to suck each other. Then he kneels and fucks his cock into Patriks eager mouth. Moving again Lukas is on his back with his legs up, ass exposed, as Patrik rims his tight hole. He fingers that hole too, with one and then two fingers before sliding his cock inside and fucking Lukas nice and hard. He grabs hold of Lukas' hips and really rams that dick deep inside. Patrik they lays down so that Lukas can sit his ass down on that throbbing cock. The fucking and riding continues apace as Lukas wanks himself. Very soon Lukas blows his big, creamy load as his ass if filled by Patrik's dick. The Lukas lays on his back so that Patrik can fuck him more. His ass is really getting a good pounding and Patrik builds up for his cumshot. He pulls out and dumps his cream all over Lukas face. He takes hold of that spent cock and cleans it off with his mouth. A final kiss brings a great scene to a fitting end.

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