David Skabeta & Rudolf Herec - FULL CONTACT

Rudolf Herec is a new model who came in for a solo shoot and was keen to try something more. So we paired him with David Skabeta to see what would happen. David starts things off, after briefly chatting with Rudolf. He moves over to him and begins kissing. Running his hands over Rudolf as they kiss he is soon groping his underwear. He releases Rudolf's cock, which is already hard, from the underwear and, as Rudolf lays back, goes down and sucks it. David's mouth works over that throbbing cock, sliding up and down on it. Rudolf's underwear comes off, showing his big balls as well as David continues to suck him. Rudolf then returns the favor, removing David's briefs and sucking his big, fat cock. He does a great job on sucking it before David wants to go further. He pushes Rudolf onto his back, and sucks him some more. Rudolf's legs are up, showing his hot hole while he is being sucked. That hole is very inviting and soon David is fingering it, with one and then two fingers. The hole takes the fingers well as David continues sucking on Rudolf's big dick. That ass is ready for more and David pushes Rudolf over sideways and slides his rock hard cock deep into his ass. His cock streteches the hole nicely as he slams his cock in and out. Rudolf's hard cock is trapped between his legs as David fucks him hard and fast. Next David lays on the bed and has Rudolf sit down on his cock. He sits right down on it, and then begins to ride. David then starts fucking upwards into that hole as he reaches round and wanks Rudolf. Rudolf takes over again riding that dick as hard as he can, making sure it gets deep into his hole. The guys move into missionary position and continue the fucking, with Rudolf wanking himself. His ball tighten up completely and he soon shoots his cum onto his body as David's dick is deep in his ass. Seeing that cum sends David over the top and he pulls out and shoots his own cream over Rudolf's cock and balls. Then he finishes off by leaning forward and kissing him on the lips. What a great scene from two really hot guys.

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