Christmas Wank Party 2012, Part 1

What a stellar cast we have for our Christmas Wank Party 2012, Mattias Solich, Milan Perger, Radim Hajek, Daniel Sebesta and Niklas Serdberg. Today we will see them all in the first part. First we see Daniel, Milan and Niklas in Old Town Square viewing the Christmas sights. Then we see them inside, with Mattias telling them about a sculpture, asking if it is real. It is actually Radim, posing as he holds a Christmas present in one hand. The guys decide they need to feel the sculpture to decide it if it is real. So all three of them start to feel Radim's body, and then they are joined by Mattias as well. Daniel goes further and bends forward to nibble and then suck on Radim's cock. He moves aside so that Milan can try it as well. Soon Radim's cock is swelling very nicely, enjoying the feel of lips on it. They decide that the statue must be real, since the cock is hard and statues are hard. Things move on, as Milan sucks on Radim, as Daniel's cock comes out for wanking. Meanwhile Mattias starts to work on Niklas, lifting his tee-shirt, and licking his nipples. Niklas and Mattias lose their tee-shirts and Mattias pulls his hard cock out of his jeans. Niklas' cock comes out as well, also rock hard. Mattias drops to his knees and starts to suck on Niklas cock. Daniel's cock is hard to, under the hand of Milan. He turns and kisses Niklas as his cock is wanked. Daniel moves round Milan and drops down to suck on his cock, as Milan sucks Radim. Niklas sits and takes Mattias' dick in his mouth too, his own big dick standing fully to attention as he sucks. Mattias wants more cock, and goes back down on Niklas before the two of them move into a great 69. Meanwhile Milan has lost his tee-shirt and Radim the statue has come to life. He sits down and immediately starts to suck on Daniel's cock. Milan moves so that he can continue to suck on Radim. Then Radim swaps over and sucks on Milan while Daniel sucks him. Mattias wants all the guys together, so he moves to start kissing Milan and Niklas slides under Daniel to suck on his cock. Milan then starts sucking on Mattias throbbing cock as well. All five guys have really got themselves hot and hard as this first part really sets up very well for the next part.

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