Rado Zuska and Rudy Bodlak RAW - FULL CONTACT

Rudy Bodlak and Rado Zuska are two great guys, they look good in their undies as they give us a great oil sccene. They start to feel each others bodies as Rudy begins to squirt oil over Rado. The oil soaks into Rado's tank top and all over Rudy as well. Rudy bends to kiss Rado and then helps him off with the tank top, revealing his oil coated chest. The oil continues to flow soaking into their undies, highlighting their rock hard cocks. Rudy then lowers Rado's briefs so we see that big, hard oil covered dick. He removes his own undies as well and the two throbbing dicks come together in Rudy's hand. Rado then drops to his knees and starts sucking on Rudy's dick. Rudy continues to squirt the oil and it runs down his body, all over his dick as Rado sucks on it. Rado's hot mouth works on that oily dick until the guys move and he lays down so that Rudy can wank and suck him. Rudy gets to work on Rado's big, hard cock and then turns him over, onto his knees. Rado's gorgeous ass is spread, with the hole on full display. Rudy's hands roam all over that hot ass, and use more oil on the cheeks. Soon Rudy climbs up and slides his cock deep into Rado's inviting ass. It goes all the way in and Rudy starts to fuck it, with long, deep thrusts. His big cock works that ass, the oil really lubing it up good. Rado turns over onto his back as Rudy continues to pound his hole, with more oil being released. Then Rudy lays on his back for Rado sitting down on that cock and riding it. He takes the oil and squirts it all over Rudy as he rides that cock. His slick ass slides effortlessly up and down on Rudy's cock and he wanks himself until he shoots a massive creamy load all over Rudy's slick body. Then Rado gets off Rudy's big dick and he watches as it is wanked to a lovely climax, bringing a fabulous scene to an end.

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