Walter Uwe & Niklas Serdberg - FULL CONTACT

Walter Uwe and Niklas Serdberg are two very fit guys. They are dressed in wrestling leotards and begin some exercises. It isn't long before they feel rather too warm and so strip off the suits. Walter then, craftily manages to insert himself between Niklas' legs as they rest on his shoulders for more exercising. With Niklas in that position Walter starts to play with his cock as he exercises. Then Walter moves slightly forward so his face can reach between Niklas butt cheeks and rim his hole. He rims that hole as he continues to wank on Niklas' cock. Niklas then moves, so that he is squatting on the gym horse, with his ass cheeks well spread giving Walter fuller access. Walter's tongue reaches into that hot ass crack and laps at Niklas hole. He rims the hole and licks at Niklas' balls and then moves down so that he can suck on that hard cock. Walter wanks his own hard dick as he sucks on Niklas. Niklas then starts to fuck his throbbing dick in and out of Walter's mouth. The is it Niklas turn to suck as he lays on the horse and is fed by Walter. He sucks on Walter's big hard cock before they move on to a 69. Niklas wants that big dick in his ass so he lay on the horse, legs in the air as Walter slides it into the ass. Walter fucks that ass nice and deep, with long thrusts that make Niklas moan with pleasure. He wanks Niklas as well, while he fucks him. Then Niklas turns over and presents his ass again for more. Waltler is happy to oblige and his dick resumes it fucking. He really gives it to Niklas and soon has built to a point of no return. Pulling out Walter dumps a huge, creamy load all over Niklas back and then takes his leave.

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