Nicklas Boris & Danek Rovny

We brought newcomer Nicklas Boris in for s screentest, with Danek Rovny. After an brief interview the guys get right into things by starting to kiss each other. Their hands also feel each other's cock through the underwear. Danek then moves down and kisses Nicklas' nipples. Nicklas gets onto his knees and continues kissing as he releases Danek's hard cock from his undies. He helps him off with the undies so we can see the cock completely. As they continue to kiss Danek does the same for Nicklas so both dick, already rock hard, are in view. Nicklas moves so that he can hold both cocks in one hand and gently wank them. He slides down and kisses and then sucks on Danek's cock. He moves again, really stretching his legs so that Danek can suck him. He licks the cock and balls and sucks it right into his mouth. Then he positions his head so that he can lick at Nicklas' hot hole too. When it is nice and wet Nicklas moves so that he can sit down on Danek's throbbing cock. His gorgeous, hairy ass slides down over the cock and Danek begins to fuck that tight hole. His cock fucks in and out of Nicklas ass, really turning him on. His cock throbs as he enjoys the feeling of the dick in his ass. Soon he cant hold back and his cock starts to cum, releasing his juice all over Danek's belly. Nicklas is still turned on and rides on that cock a while before they change positions with Danek standing behind him and fucking nice and deep. His cock really works that hole and another change, to missionary, has Nicklas wanking himself again as he is fucked. Soon he shoots another load of cum while Danek is deep inside him. Then Nicklas kneels in front of Danek to take his cum and to suck the cock to completely drain it. What a great scene, Nicklas certainly passed his test with ease.

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