Wank Party 2013 #2 - Part 1

For Wank Party 2013 #2 we assembled a great line-up, Viktor Baco, Adam Rupert, Roman Koroza, Ivo Kerk and Vasek Konik. Things start with Viktor instructing Adam and Roman as they lift weights. Firstly it is Adam, sitting on the bench and lifting the weights, supported by Roman. Then they swap places so Roman can get some exercise. As they change again Ivo and Vasek arrive too. As Roman and Adam continue with the lift ups Ivo and Vasek get changed and ready to train as well. Viktor and Ivo are going to have a little competions and Viktor sits on the bench and starts his lift ups. When he has done as many as he can Ivo takes his place. He does just as well as Viktor and gets a round of applause as he finishes. Viktor suggests that the two of them should do push-ups as well, and he starts it off. Ivo follows suit and still it seems to be a draw. So they then start posing. They get naked and Adam takes hold of their cocks and wanks them as they pose. As Ivo and Viktor's cocks begin to respond Vasek and Roman are rubbing themselves and when Roman drops his cock he is rock hard. Vasek reaches into his shorts and wanks himself as Ivo and Viktor release Adam's throbbing dick from his shorts too. Vasek too is hard now, so all five are up and ready for more. Adam is eager to suck some cock and moves over to Vasek and Roman, dropping to his knees to begin sucking. Ivo follow his lead and begins to suck Viktor. Adam sucks Roman and Vasek in turn, his wet mouth working over each of the cocks. Viktor changes places with Ivo and sucks on his big cock. Adam stands up and places his rigid dick against those of Roman and Vasek, to compare. Then Roman drops to his knees and begins to suck on his friends. As he sucks on them Vasek and Adam lean over and kiss each other. Next Ivo lays on the floor and lifts his legs up in the air, so that his ass is available. Adam goes down on his knees and begins to rim Ivo's hot hole. His own hole is available too and Roman begins to lick at it as well. What a hot start to this wank party, with 5 awesome guys.

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