Niklas Boris & Adam Rupert RAW - FULL CONTACT

Adam Rupert is a really stunningly handsome guy. We invited him in for a Screentest just as soon as we could. We lined up the ever popular Niklas Serdberg to be paired with him. We see Niklas on a bed, preparing for a massage. Adam walks in, wearing only his boxers, and lays on the bed, in front of Niklas. Niklas gets right to work on that hot body, straddling Adam's legs and massaging his back. As he is massaging the back we see that Adam's hands are working too, rubbing and caressing Niklas legs. Niklas lowers Adam's boxers and starts to massage those beautiful buns. As he massages that ass Niklas spreads the cheeks so we can see Adam's tight hole. Adam turns over, onto his back, and he shows off a rock hard cock. Clearly Niklas has aroused him. Niklas leans forward and sucks on a nipple as he takes hold of Adam's big hard cock and wanks it. Then he kisses Adam on the lips before moving down to suck his cock. With his lips wrapped tight around the cock Niklas sucks it nice and deep. Then Niklas loses his undies too, and his own throbbing cock comes into view. He wanks the two cocks together and then moves further up Adam's body, so that his ass is touching that hard cock. Adam reaches for Niklas butt cheeks, pulling them apart and letting his cock rub against the hole. He begins to thrust upwards and knows what he wants to do. Without further ado he slides his cock into that tight ass and starts to fuck it nice and deep. He works that hole real well before moving to a missionary position and continuing to fuck it. With nice long strokes his cock works in and out of that hole. Then Adam ups the tempo, fucking faster and faster as Niklas wanks himself. Adam quickly pulls out and moves up to shoot his cum all over Niklas chest. Then Niklas takes the sticky cock in his mouth to clean it off. What a great screentest from two really hot guys.

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