Wank Party 2013 #3 - Part 2

Wank Party 2013 #3 features Walter Uwe, Adam Rupert, David Chudera and Daniel Kutka. In this second part we join the guys As Walter is fucking Daniel and David is fucking Adam. Daniel leans over and kisses Adam as they both take big cocks in their asses. David reaches down and wanks Adam's rock hard cock as he fucks his ass hard and fast. They all change around and Daniel sits his hot ass down on David's cock and rides it. Walter is behind Adam, fucking him hard and David takes Adam's big cock in his mouth. As the fucking continues Daniel wanks himself and kisses Adam. Adam responds by leaning forward and sucking Daniels big cock, with Walter leaning over to kiss Daniel. Walter is so turned on that he really pounds away at Adam's ass, long, deep and very fast strokes. Adam has been fucked real well, but he wants some ass too so they all change again. This time Daniel is on his back with Adam fucking him hard and fast. David gives up his ass too, for Walter to work his hot cock in. Daniel is wanking himself as Adam fucks him and soon shoots a big creamy load all over himself. With Walter fucking his tight ass David wanks himself and shoots a fountain of cum in the air. Walter isn't finished with the fucking though and takes another turn on Adam's. Adam moans loudly as he also shoots his cum and then Walter pulls out and dumps his cream all over David. Having all had a great time and delivered a lot of cum they go back to work.

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