Vasek Konik & Robert Drtina - FULL CONTACT

Robert Drtina is a really handsome guy who we have done a couple of shoots with, including a very nice massage. We wanted to push him to go further and set him up with Vasek Konik for a screentest. We have done several shoots with Vasek and he has proved himself to be a very good performer, so I was sure he would do well with Robert. We see them sitting on the bed and having a chat about why they are there, with Robert needing some extra money so happy to try something new. Vasek takes the lead and begins to feel and kiss Robert's body. He runs a hand down Robert's hot chest and into his underwear. Then they kiss each other and Vasek continues to grope Robert, who responds in kind. Vasek's attentions make Robert's cock hard and Vasek quickly goes down and starts to suck on it. He works on that cock a while and then sits up so that Robert can show what he can do. He starts to kiss on Vasek's body, working his way down to a hard cock that is just waiting to be sucked. Robert takes that cock in his mouth. He does a good job, his mouth closing tight around Vasek's stiff dick. Then Robert sit up again and Vasek moves onto his knees and sucks Robert's dick some more. Soon he moves to straddle Robert and they start to suck each other in a 69. They keep those cocks nice and hard as they suck until Vasek is ready to move on. He sits his ass down on Robert's big, hard cock and starts to ride it. As he rides up and down on Robert's dick Vasek's hard cock flaps around. Robert reaches round and takes hold of that big dick and wanks on it. Vasek continues riding Robert until he needs to rest and Robert takes over, fucking his big dick deep into Vasek's ass, hard and fast. Vaske really loves that big cock in his hole, and his own cock gets even harder, standing fully to attention as his ass gets stretched. Then they move to a doggy position and Robert's pole continues to pound at Vasek's tight, but eager, ass. He really works that hole good and they move to missionary, with Robert's dick slamming into Vasek. Vasek takes that cock and wanks himself hard and fast. His hand, wrapped tight around his throbbing cock is working well and the feeling of his ass being fucked soon sets him off. He squirts his cum, a nice creamy load all over himself as Robert continues to fuck him. Robert is ready to cum too and pulls out of Vasek's ass, shooting his cum over his partner. Vasek sits up and they both share a kiss to end the screentest. As expected Vasek was very good indeed and Robert proved himself to be a very able top. What a great scene from two very hot guys.

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