Josef Vavrich & Anton Malac - FULL CONTACT

We brought the lovely Jozef Vavrich together with the equally handsome Anton Malac for this duo. Jozef is standing on a couch, in just his undies, groping himself. Anton, also in only underwear, walks in and stands in front of him. Jozef's hands move to Anton's shoulders and begin to massage them. The guys then kiss each other and Anton turns and pulls down Jozef's underwear, releasing a very hard cock. He bends forward and takes that cock in his mouth and starts sucking on it. He takes his time, making sure he does a good job of sucking. Jozef moans with pleasure as Anton's hot mouth does its work. Anton then turns Jozef around, and bend his over, so that his gorgeous ass is available. Leaning forward Anton starts to rim that ass, his tongue landing on Jozef's hot little hole. Anton does a great job with his tongue, lapping all over the hole. Then Anton lays down, wanking himself as Anton postions himself so that his balls can be licked. It is a natural move from that into a full 69 as Anton bends over Jozef and they suck each others' hard cocks. Anton then replaces Jozef on the couch, his cock rock hard. Jozef sits his ass down on that big cock and starts to ride it. His ass slides all over Anton's dick taking it all as deep as he can. Anton loves the feeling and starts fucking that hot hole. A change of position has Jozef bent over with Anton's dick ramming into his ass. As Anton's cock works in and out of that tight ass, stretching it very well, Jozef's own cock stays rock hard. Moving into a spoon position allows Anton to continue to fuck as Jozef wanks himself. His hand, wrapped firmly around his cock, Jozef soon shoots his creamy cum all over himself. Anton is ready too and moves up to unload over Jozef's face. Having cum he then leans down and kisses Jozef before feeding his cock into his mouth for cleaning off. What a lovely scene from two very hot guys.

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