Adam Rupert & Sylvester Adamus - FULL CONTACT

Sylvester Adamus came in for a screentest with Adam Rupert. He certainly looks very good as he does a bried interview with Adam. Adam then leans over and starts to kiss Sylvester who responds very well. As they kiss Adam runs a hand all over Sylvester's body, before moving down to kiss his body too. Adam reaches into Sylvester's underwear to play with his cock. He then removes his own underwear, showing that his own dick is getting hard. Sylvester immediately goes down on the cock and begins sucking it. He is naked and hard himself as he takes Adam's big dick in his mouth. He works his tongue all over the cock and sucks and wanks it before kissing Adam again. Adam starts to fuck his cock into Sylvester's mouth and moans as his partner continues to suck him. He lays on the bed and pulls Sylvester on top of him, in a 69, taking that cock into his mouth. They suck on each other's dicks a while before Sylvester positions himself between Adam's legs and slides his cock into his tight hole. Adam's hole takes that cock real well as Sylvester starts to fuck. With nice long strokes his cock goes deep into that ass as Adam wanks himself. Sylvester speeds up, fucking that ass hard and fast, with Adam moaning with each thrust. Then they change over with Sylvester sitting his ass down on Adam's big cock. He bounces up and down on that cock, stretching his hole. Then Adam takes over and really fucks his cock hard into Sylvesters hole. Moving to doggy position Adam continues to pound Sylvester's hole. Sylvester's dick stays rock hard as he gets fucked and he grabs hold of it and wanks himself real hard. As he wanks that cock he starts to moan and drops his cum very quickly. Then they change over again, Sylvester's cock is still hard and with Adam on his back, he fucks him some more. Adam wanks himself as his ass is being fucked and soon shoots his cum all over his belly. What a very good screentest with Adam, as always, very good indeed and Sylvester proving himself well up to his task.

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