Radim Hora & Walter Uwe - FULL CONTACT

We brought Radim Hora in for a screentest, after he told us that he wanted to try guy-guy sex. We paired him up with the sexy Walter Uwe who has lots of experience. Walter chats with Radim, who admits to having kissed a guy before and would like to do it again. They lean into each other and begin to kiss, with their hands running over each other. Walter reaches into Radim's underwear, and then quickly helps him take them off. Radim does the same to Walter, taking hold of his hard cock. They kiss again and Walter goes down on Radim's cock and begins to suck it. He alternates between sucking and kissing and then sits up, so that Radim can suck on him. Radim's lips wrap tight around the cock and he sucks like a natural, wanking the cock as well. Kissing some more Walter then has a quick suck on Radim's dick again before pulling his legs in the air and focussing on his hot ass hole. With the cheeks spread Walter rims that tight hole and then slides a finger inside. Radim plays with his cock as Walter loosens that hole with his finger and wets it with his tongue. Walter is really into his new friend, He kisses him again and sucks that cock again then he plays with the hole some more. Radim is keen to show that he can do it real good too and goes back down on Walter's throbbing dick as Walter wanks him. Then Walter decides to test Radim further, having him turn over, and slides his big cock deep into his ass. His cock works in and out of that virgin ass with his balls slapping against the ass. Radim loves it and fondles himself as he takes that dick. Then Walter lays on the bed, so that Radim can take his first ride on a big hard cock. He really slides up and down on that dick before Walter takes over and fucks hard and fast. That hole is stretched real well and Radim is proving that he really can take it all. He turns around and rides that big cock some more before they move to a spoon position and Walter really starts to pound that ass as hard as he can. Radim is rock hard and wank himself as his ass gets fucked. He is loving it and the wanking speeds up until he pumps his cum out of that cock. Walter is eager to shoot his load too and kneels over Radim, shooting his cream all over the face. Radim then sucks the cock into his mouth to drain it completely before the guys end with a final kiss. What a great screentest, with Radim proving just how good he is and Walter showing once again what a hot stud he is.

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