Wank Party 2013 #05, Part 2 - WANK PARTY

Wank Party 2013 #5 has four really good models, in Jan Faust, Lukas Pribyl, Robert Drtina and Borek Sokol. In this second part we find Lukas leaning over the weights machine, with Jan's dick deep inside him. Robert is laying on the training bench, legs in the air as Borek fucks him. Borek and Jan are new tops and are really doing a great job. They move around so that Borek is laying down with Lukas sitting his ass right down on that hard cock. As he rides that dick Robert does the same for Jan's throbbing dick. Borek fucks his cock right up into Lukas hot hole. Then they all move again, with Lukas and Robert on their knees, facing each other and kissing as Borek and Jan swap partners again. As they get fucked nice and hard Robert and Lukas wank themselves. Robert keeps on wanking as he is getting fucked, until his shoots a very nice load. He is followed by Lukas who quickly dumps his cum as well. Jan and Borek then sit next to each other, kissing as they wank their hard cocks, with Robert and Lukas behind them, kissing as well. As they wanks themselves faster and faster it is a race to see who will cum first. Borek is the winner, he cum squirting out of his rock hard dick. Then Jan is ready too, his big, upward curved cock throbbing as his balls get so tight. Then his cum erupts out of his cock too. Having all spent their loads our horny guys go off to the shower to help each other clean up.

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