Wank Party 2013 #06, Part 1 - WANK PARTY

Wank Party 2013 #6 features four very good models, Robert Drtina, Tomas Berger, Daniel Just and Borek Sokol. In this first part we find them all in the park, with a new camera which Robert uses to film the guys. Then he hands it off to Borek as they all walk to the water chute. We then find them sliding down the chute, Robert just behind Borek. As they approach the bottom of the chute Robert is right up with Borek and they land in the water together. Tomas follows quickly behind. With the new camera able to film under water we get some great teasers and the guys play, with cocks and asses being shown. After a lot of fun in the water the guys leave and we find them inside, on a sofa, checking out their video footage. That soon leads to some play, with all the guys getting naked and they start to suck. With Danie sucking on Borek’s big dick as Tomas sucks Roberts. The Robert sucks on Borek’s cock as the little camera is capturing some detail. Tomas continues to suck Robert with Borek taking a trun on Daniel’s dick. With the camera in play the guys change around and Robert sucks on Tomas’ hard cock as Borek sits and wanks. Daniel is sucking Robert as Borek takes over on Tomas’ cock. The guys keep on with that hot sucking, changing partners all the while until Borek and Robert present their asses, and Tomas and Daniel eagerly get down to rim them. They work their tongues into the hot holes to end this most enjoyable first part.

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