Daniel Just & Borek Sokol - FULL CONTACT

We paired the lovely Daniel Just with the equally good looking Borek Sokol for his screentest. After a brief chat to get to know each other Borek takes the lead, leaning over to kiss Daniel. As they kiss Borek rubs his hand over Daniels groin. Then Daniel removes his underwear and Borek gets right to work sucking on his cock. As Borek's mouth closes around that cock Daniel reaches to feel his new friend too. The it is Daniel's turn to suck. He moves and takes Borek's cock head in his mouth and starts sucking. He sucks, and licks at that cock, doing a very good job for his first time. Then the guys kiss again and move into a 69 for more sucking. Borek moves Daniel onto his knees and starts to rim his hot ass, getting it nice and wet and ready for a finger. When he judges that the hole is open enough Borek slides his cock in and starts to fuck. He works that hole a while and then lays on the bed for Daniel to climb on to that hard cock for more. Borek speeds up, fucking that ass nice and hard. Moving into missionary position that big dick really stretches Daniel's ass, working it till he pulls out and shoots his load all over Daniel. Then it is Daniel's turn to cum and he wanks himself until he shoots his load before ending with a final kiss, and moving off to the shower to clean up.

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