Zdenek Bodbaba's - CZECH UP - RAW

Zdenek Bodbaba came in for a Czech Up with Dr Robert Drtina. Robert gets right to work, asking Zdenek to take off his shirt, so that he can examine his chest. Then he turns him around and bends him over and checks his back. Zdenek then takes off his shoes and Robert checks the feet. When Zdenek removes his shorts we see that he has no underwear and Robert does a quick examination of that lovely ass. Zdenek climbs onto the examination chair, resting his legs on the supports, and covering his cock and balls with his hands. Robert tells him to remove them and starts to feel the balls and cock. Robert asks if Zdenek likes it and when he answers in the affirmative Robert informs him that he can make that cock feel even better. He takes hold of it and starts to wank. Then he bends over and begins to suck on the cock, which gets rock hard. Robert's mouth is wrapped tight around the cock as he sucks on the head. As his cock is being sucked Zdenek reaches under and feels his hot hole. Robert then moves and strips off, exposing a hard cock, which is at just the right level for Zdenek to suck on as he wanks himself. Robert is so horny after being sucked that he wants to feel some cock in his ass. So they move, and Robert is on the chair, legs spread, with Zdenek's throbbing cock deep in his ass. He pounds that hole, deep and hard. Robert loves the feeling and his own dick stays rock hard. They move, so that Robert is bent over with Zdenek still fucking him, stretching his ass so well. Soon Zdenek needs to cum and sits on the chair wanking himself to a lovely climax. Robert then wanks himself and shoots his own cum onto Zdenek. After all that hot sex they share a kiss to finish everything off very nicely.

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