Vladimir Kruty & Zdenek Bodbaba RAW- FULL CONTACT

Vladimir Kruty has been a wonderful addition to our numbers. We brought him in for a duo with the lovely Zdenek Bodbaba. Vladimir arrives and finds Zdenek on the sofa listening to music. They exchange a few pleasantries and decide to party in the evening. But they need to have a bit of fun first. Vladimir starts, leaning over and kissing his friend. Zdenek responds in kind and also opens Vladimir's jeans, pulling out a nice, hard cock. He goes down on that cock and starts to suck it Vladimir removes the jeans, so that his cock is more available for Zdenek to suck as hard as he likes. He licks all over the cock and sucks it down his throat as Vladimir thrusts upwards, into his mouth. Zdenek then gets naked and Vladimir begins to suck him. He works on that cock, getting it nice and hard, wanking it to its full length. Then they get into a 69, on the sofa, moving to get the best position to enjoy each other's cocks. Vladimir then gets under Zdenek's hot ass and licks his hot hole, which keeps his buddy rock hard. Vladimir quickly gets up and sits his ass right down on that throbbing cock. His ass slides all the way over that cock and he starts to ride it, his own dick standing proud. Zdenek begins to deep fuck that hot ass as Vladimir holds himself in position. Then he takes over again, sliding up and down on the thick shaft. They move, with Vladimir bending over and Zdenek's big dick slamming into his tight ass. Vladimir's cock stays rock hard as his hole is pounded, deep and hard. Moving to spoon Zdenek works that hole some more as Vladimir wanks himself. That big cock slides in and out of Vladimir, going all the way on each thrust. Vladimir's wanking speeds up as he takes his friends dick and soon he shoots his cum all over his belly. With his big dick still in that ass Zdenek continues to fuck as they kiss each other. He works that hole, his cock building up until he has to pull out and dump his cum all over Vladimir. What a wonderful scene from two really hot guys, who enjoyed every minute of it. They kiss again before going off to the shower.

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