Wank Party 2013 #08 - WANK PARTY

Wank Party 2013 #8 features Tomas Berger, Daniel Koc, Jaro Grygar and Vladimir Kruty. In this first part we find them in the park on a nice late summer's day. Shirtless they play by the fountain and then move to a wooden seat area. Vladimir and Tomas kiss and then all four walk off and go into Daniel's apartment. Sitting down, on sofa and bed they get right into more kissing with Vladimir kissing Tomas and Daniel kissing Jaro. As they kiss they guys begin to get naked. Daniel and Jaro being the first. Their cocks are rock hard as the jeans come off. The same is the case for Vladimir and Tomas. Vladimir is soon down on Tomas big cock, sucking it with Daniel sucking on Jaro. Then Tomas and Jaro return the favour, sucking their friends. They keep swapping taking turns in suck each other's dicks. All four cocks are rock hard. Jaro's dick is so big and stands straight up as Daniel is on his knees sucking it. Vladimir has Tomas standing in front of him, as he laps at the big balls and gorges on that cock. He licks up the chest as well, and kisses Tomas again. Then they swap partners and Daniel stands for Tomas to suck him as Vladimir and Jaro wank each other and kiss, before Jaro sucks Vladimir. Vladimir though is a real cock hound and soon is going wild as he sucks that monster dick. Goodness Vladimir cant get enough of that cock and is reluctant to let it go, but in the end swaps so that Jaro can suck him. Moving again, so that they are all sitting together Jaro sucks on Vladimir and Daniel works on Tomas. Vladimir and Tomas kiss each other at the same time. Jaro stands and Vladimir gets his head between his legs to lap at the balls and ass, and then sucks some. Daniel meanwhile sucks on Vladimir. Then Jaro takes a turn with Tomas, they suck each other. Jaro's massive cock is really throbbing as he lays on the bed for Vladimir to suck again. The sucking continues until Jaro turns over and Vladimir's tongue dives straight into that hot ass. Daniel positions himself for Tomas to rim his hot hole too as Jaro and Vladimir move to 69. Tomas then gets on his knees, sucking Vladimir and has Daniel rimming his hole. They have really sucked up a storm in this first part and are all ready for part 2.

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