Felix, Silvester and Robert - FULL CONTACT

We brought Felix Ryha together with Robert Drtina and Sylvestr Paty for a cene. We find Robert and Sylvestr sleeping. Felix walks into the bedroom, wearing just a towel. He wakes the guys up, telling them they have a party to attend. It seems that Robert and Sylvestr want to stay in bed, and they grab Felix and pull him onto the bed too. His towel flies of and he lands across Robert and Sylvestr. They begin a sort of pillow fight, quickly losing their underwear. As they play Felix starts to kiss Robert and then Sylvestr joins in too. The three of them are on their knees, feeling each other's bodies as they kiss. Robert takes hold of Felix's cock and begins to wank it. Felix does the same to him and then Robert goes down on sucks on Felix's hard cock. It is a big, long cock and Robert sucks it real good. Sylvestr, behind Felix, holds him and looks down at the sucking. Then they lay Felix down and Sylvestr sucks on his cock as Robert kisses him. Robert and Sylvestr take turns sucking on that big dick and kissing Felix. His cock is so hard and they gorge themselves on it, making it throb. Felix stands again and Sylvestr goes straight back down on the cock. Robert begins to wank Sylvestr before he takes a turn on the cock again. Felix then returns the favour, on his knees he sucks Robert and wanks Sylvestr. But only for a short while as they have other plans. Felix is put onto his knees and bent over so that Sylvestr can rim his hot hole. Felix wanks Robert some more as Sylvestr rims that ass. Next Robert gives up his sexy ass to Felix, who slides his cock deep into that tight hole. He kisses Sylvestr as he fucks Robert's ass. Moving Robert into missionary position he continues to fuck that ass as Sylvestr is sucked. Felix is fucking that hole real good and Robert's hard cock is being wanked. Soon Robert and Felix need to cum and Sylvestr lays on the bed, straddled by Felix to receive his load over his chest. Felix dumps his cream and is quickly followed by Robert cumming as well. What a lovely scene from three very handsome guys.

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