Vladimir Kruty & Milan Hornik - FULL CONTACT

We persuaded the very sexy Milan Hornik to come in for a screentest, and paired him up with Vladimir Kruty. Vladimir has a brief chat with Milan and then leans over and starts to kiss him. Milan reaches to feel Vladimir's hot body as they kiss. Vladimir soon as Milan's jeans open and off so that he can suck on his cock. He sucks that cock a little and then goes back to kissing Milan as he wanks him. With Milan's cock growing to its full length Vladimir goes back down and sucks on it. He sucks and wanks, taking the cock in his mouth, down to the base. Milan reaches to grope Vladimir through his underwear. Then Vladimir gets on his knees, cock out and Milan takes it in his mouth. His own cock is rock hard as he sucks on Vladimir's. Then they swap over so that Vladimir can suck some more, but only for a while as he is soon on his knees and feeding his dick back into Milan's mouth. After sucking Vladimir lifts his legs in the air and Milan shows that he is up for rimming that hot hole. Not only rimming though, soon he has his hard cock deep in that ass. He wanks Vladimir as he fucks him nice and deep. Vladimir moves onto his knees, with Milan fucking him from behind. Vladimir's cock stays hard as he gets fucked good and hard. Then it is back to missionary position for Milan to fuck him some more. He wanks Vladimir to a massive eruption of cum as he fucks him deep. Then Milan needs to cum as well. He pulls out and shoots his cum right up Vladimir's hot body. They kiss again and then go to clean up after a wonderful screentest.

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