Paco and Otakar - Screen Test RAW - FULL CONTACT

Having recently tried Paco Mlaticka out with another guy we then paired him up with newcomer Otakar Bubek for a screentest. He does a brief interview with Otakar and then starts to kiss him, running his hands over his at the same time. Paco kisses down Otakar's body and opens his jeans. Pulling them down reveals a nice hard cock, which Paco quickly starts to suck. He is on his knees, sucking on that stiff cock, and kissing Otakar's nipples. Then he removes the jeans completely, so he can lick at the balls too. His mouth works well on Otakar's rigid pole. Then, as he rises up on his knees he allows Otakar to open his jeans too. Paco's dick is thick and quite hard too and Otakar is soon showing that he is up for sucking cock. His mouth closes tight around the thick shaft as he sucks on it. Then Otakar gets up on his knees too and Paco goes back down on that cock. His head bobs up and down as Paco's balls get nice and tight. Otakar holds Paco's head and fucks his face some. Then they wank each other's dick as they kiss again. Paco leans back and Otakar goes back to sucking on his, now rigid, cock. Paco uses a fucking motion to move that cock in and out of Otakar's mouth. Paco then moves, and bends over, exposing his hot ass, and Otakar starts to rim his tight hole. His tongue works on the hole and he slips a finger in there too. Then, with Paco on his stomach, Otakar slides his rock hard cock deep into that tight ass. He fucks that ass with nice long strokes, going in good and deep. They then move to a spoon position, with Otakar able to kiss Paco as he continues to fuck him. Paco is hard too and wanks himself as he gets a good, hard fucking. With Paco on his back, one leg up in the air Otakar fucks him deep. Paco wanks himself hard and fast and soon blows a big load of cum over his sexy body. Otakar continues to fuck that hot ass until he is ready to cum too and he drops his cum on Paco, milking his cock until it is completely drained. Then, as he leans over to kiss Paco, he slides his dick back inside. The guys then go off to the shower to clean up, with both of them still good and hard.

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