Milan, Jiri and Tibor - CZECH UP

Milan Hornik is in for a Czech Up from Dr Tibor Rysavy and Sister Jiri Tucek. As he stands, answerings Tibor's questions Milan's ass is admired by Jiri. Milan sits on the examination chair and removes his tee-shirt. Tibor then begins his examination, using his stethoscope to check the chest. Milan is then told to drop his jeans, and is embarrassed to admit he has no underwear. But that won't stop the exam. He gets naked and sits down again. Tibor then uses the thermometer, in Milan's piss slit, to take his temperature. The result appears not to be conclusive so they try the thermometer in his ass as well. Then Tibor and Jiri undertake a more thorough examination of Milan's cock and balls. Jiri leads the way and leans over to suck on Milan's cock. But he quickly stands and drops his own pants, showing that he is rock hard. Milan takes hold of Jiri's hard cock as he own gets sucked again. Tibor kisses and nibbles Milan's neck and then, naked to the waist, starts sucking on Milan's big, hard cock. Jiri moves up and pushes his cock into Milan's mouth, for sucking. Tibor is hard too and rubs his big dick over Milan's hairy leg, before going back down on his cock. Jiri moves round and takes Tibor's big cock in his mouth. He sucks that fat cock as Tibor continues sucking Milan. Then attention turns to Milan's hot, hairy hole. With his legs up that hole is available for Jiri to loosen with his fingers. As his hole gets the finger Milan's cock gets more sucking from Tibor. But Jiri knows what Tibor really likes. Bending him over Jiri shoves his big dick deep in that hot ass. As he gets fucked Tibor sucks on Milan's throbbing cock. Milan likes the action and soon wants to plow Tibor's hot ass, so they move around and he does just that. Tibor sucks Jiri as Milan works that hot ass. Then Jiri sits and lets Tibor slide his ass over that big cock. Tibor rides Jiri's cock hard and fast. Then he sits on the chair and has Milan and Jiri wank over him. Jiri is soon shoting his cum all overTibor's big chest. The wanking continues and very soon Tibor cums as well to end a very good scene.

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