Vladimir and Milan RAW - FULL CONTACT

We paired Milan Zrzek with Vladimir Kruty for a lovely scene. Milan has a very large cock, which is quickly on show as he drops his towel and gets on the bed with the naked Vladimir. They begin to kiss each other and Vladimir works down Milan's body. Milan grabs Vladimir's cocka nd wanks it. Then he bends over and sucks on the hard cick. The cock is standing up so straight and hard and Milan wanks and sucks on it. His own cock gets hard too and soon Vladimir is getting a taste of it in his mouth. Both cocks are rock hard and standing straight up. Milan gets wanked a bit as he sucks on Vladimir again. Then, kneeling up on the bed they kiss some more before Vladimir starts sucking again. When they have sucked each other enough Milan lays on the bed and Vladimir sits right down on his massive cock. He wanks himself as he rides Milan's dick. With Milan fucking that hot ass Vladimir's cock stays rock hard. Vladimir turns around and sits back down on that big cock. His ass takes it so well, as it goes in deep. Moving to spoon they fuck some more, with Vladimir wanking himself. Then as he gets fucked in missionary position he shoots his cum all over his belly. Milan's cock is throbbing in that hot ass and he fucks hard until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his load too. His cum lands over Vladimir, on his cock, balls and belly. Milan leans over and kisses Vladimir after a very good scene.

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