Jiri and Milan - CZECH UP

Milan Neoral is one very sexy guy. We brought him in for a Czech Up with Jiri Tucek. Milan arrives, to have some treatment on a damaged knee. Jiri tells him to strip down to his underwear so that he can check him out. Milan lays on the examination table and Jiri gets to work checking his legs. He oils the legs and massages them working his way up to Milan's groin and, pulling the underwear aside, massages that as well. Jiri takes his work seriously, and likes to make his patients feel comfortable. So he massages Milan's chest as well and also kisses his nipples. At the same time Jiri slips a hand into Milan's underwear and gropes him. Then he moves down and kisses his balls. Milan's cock gets very hard and soon Jiri pulls it out and sucks on it. He removes Milan's underwear and really sucks on that hard cock. Then Jiri gets naked as well and his own cock his rock hard. As he continues to suck on Milan's dick he wanks himself. Milan then grabs Jiri's cock and wanks it. Milan is moved onto his knees, and bent over so that Jiri can rim his sexy ass. His tongue works on the hot hole for a while. Then Jiri moves Milan again and begins to fuck him. Jiri's dick slides in and out of Milan's ass, stretching the hole real good. Milan turns over and wanks himself and Jiri fucks him some more. Soon Milan shoots his cum all over one leg as Jiri's dick is deep in his ass. Jiri continues his fucking until he is ready to blow too and then pulls out and shoots his cum all over Milan. It seems he is fully rehabilitated.

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