Roman and Jaro - Screen Test - FULL CONTACT

We brought Roman Madlec in for a screentest and paired him up with Jaro Grygar. Jaro starts off with a brief interview with Roman, and then he leans over and begins to kiss him. Roman then stands up so that Jaro can drop his pants for him. Taking hold of Roman's cock Jaro sucks, briefly and then kisses him again. Roman's cock is hard in Jaro's hand,as they drop his pants too. Jaro sucks on Roman's hard cock as he wanks his own. Then Roman kneels on the bed, cock to cock with Jaro, who starts sucking again. Jaro's dick is hard too as he sucks. He sits and takes Roman's dick in his mouth again before standing and sliding his dick into Roman's mouth. That cock is so long and rock hard as Roman's mouth closes around the head. He sucks on it, wrapping his fist around the shaft as he does so. Having shown that he can suck Roman moves Jaro onto his knees and begins to play with his ass. He fingers the hole and rubs the cock and balls. Then Roman slides his dick into Jaro's waiting hole. He fucks that ass nice and deep, with long, slow thrusts. Then, with the ass opened nicely, he speeds up, fucking nice and deep. Jaro moves to missionary position and Roman wanks him as he fucks that hot ass. Moving onto his shoulders, cock deep in his ass Jaro wanks himself. His balls are so tight as he wanks and he squirts a big cumshot, right up his chest. Roman is ready to cum too and pulls out of that ass and shoots that cream all over Jaro. Then, after a great screentest for Roman they go off to the shower to clean up.

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