Simon and Paco - Screen Test RAW - FULL CONTACT

Simon Beber came is for a Screentest and we paired him up with Paco Mlaticka. They sit on the bed and Paco interviews Simon, briefly. Then they both move onto their knees and begin to kiss. As they kiss they rub each other's groins and Paco removes Simon's tee-shirt. He leans down and kisses Simon's nipples before moving back up to the mouth. Opening the pants Paco pulls out Simon's cock, which is already hard. Simon stands and Paco takes his cock in his mouth. He sucks on the rock hard cock, his mouth wrapped tight around it. Paco's mouth bobs up and down on that cock and then he licks the tight balls too. Paco stands, opening his pants, releasing his own hard cock. Simon drops to his knees and takes the cock in his mouth. Paco fucks his cock in and out of Simon's hot mouth. He then licks the shaft and the balls as well. Getting completely naked they then move to 69, with Simon on top. They suck and lick each other's dicks for a while before moving again. With Paco on his knees Simon is able to rim his hot hole. His tongue laps at the hole and then he shoves a finger inside. He fingers that hot hole as he wanks himself. Then Simon slides his throbbing cock deep into Paco's ass. He fucks that tight hole real good, moving Paco onto his back to continue. As Simon fucks with long, slow strokes Paco wanks his own hard cock. That big fat cock looks so good in Paco's ass and he speeds up his wanking, soon spilling his load all over his bot body. Simon pulls out and dumps his cum as well, and then he leans over and kisses Paco. Then they go to the shower to clean each other after a very hot scene.

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