Dmitry and Vladimir - FULL CONTACT

Dmitry Vorobev and Vladimir Kruty make a great pairing in this scene. Vladimir has bought a present for Dmitry, and is kissed in thanks. Vladimir is all over Dmitry kissing him and removing his sweater. Dmitry responds, kissing Vladimir's nipples and removing his tee-shirt. They open their jeans and Vladimir's cock is quickly out, rock hard as Dmitry takes hold of it. Then Dmitry takes his jeans off as Vladimir gets on his knees so that his cock can be sucked. He loses his jeans and Dmitry gets working on that big cock. With Vladimir sitting Dmitry leans over and sucks on that cock. Then Vladimir returns the favour, his hot mouth working all over Dmitry's hard dick. They are so hot for each other as they take turns sucking each other, until Vladimir lays down and Dmitry rims his hot hole. It doesn't take long before Dmitry's dick is deep in Vladimir's tight ass, fucking it nice and deep. Turning Vladimir over, onto his back, Dmitry continues to fuck that ass. Vladimir stays rock hard as he gets fucked. They move again and Vladimir rides on Dmitry's thick cock , sliding up and down on it. He wanks himself as he rides. Moving again, onto his back Vladimir takes that dick so deep, as Dmitry fucks hard and fast. With his hole being stretched wide and fucked deep Vladimir grabs his dick and wanks it. He continues wanking as he rides on that dick again, and speeds up until he shoots a massive cumshot all over the floor. Then Dmitry sits and wanks himself, with Vladimir sucking him too, until his load is dumped too.

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