Wank Party 2014 #1 - WANK PARTY

For our first Wank Party of 2014 we have a very good group of guys, Tomas Kavur, Milan Neoral, Simon Beber and Honza Onus. Simon and Honza are both working in a bar, where the uniform is just to be in underwear. Milan and Tomas arrive for a drink and are greeted by the barmen who kiss them. They all have a shot and then Simon and Honza entertain the others by dancing on the stage, very briefly. We then find them again as then are in Milan's flat. They sit and begin to kiss, quickly losing their tee-shirts. As the kiss their hands reach to grope each other. Then the open their pants and out come the cocks. Milan starts wanking on Simon's dick and Honza wanks Tomas. Then Milan removes his pants, followed by Tomas. Simon is quick to take Milan's dick in his mouth and Tomas feeds his to Honza. Then Simon and Honza remove their pants too, so now all four are naked and hard. Milan goes down on Simon's big, hard cock as Honza continues to suck Tomas. Then Tomas goes onto his knees to suck Simon. They look so good with their cocks standing up for sucking, and Tomas keeps on working on Honza's. Then Simon leans over to suck Milan again and Honza does the same to him. Tomas continues sucking Honza. Then Tomas and Milan swap partners with Milan sucking Honza and Simon's dick filling Tomas' mouth. Then Milan and Honza kneel on the sofa their asses sticking out, so that they can be rimmed. Simon's tongue gets to work on Milan's hot hole and Tomas rims Honza. With those holes nice and wet the next thing is to fill them with some cock. The guys move sideways so that Simon can fuck his dick deep into Honza's ass and Tomas can plow Milan's. Tomas sits and Milan works his ass back and forth on that rock hard cock as Simon stretches Honza's hole real good. They then swap partners with Milan leaning back, legs up so that Simon can fuck him real deep. Honza slides his ass down over Tomas' cock and rides it real good. Tomas leans over and kisses Milan and then starts sucking his cock, as his dick is being ridden my Honza. Simon's cock is deep in Milan's hole and fucking hard and fast. Then both Milan and Honza lay on their backs, so they can get fucked in missionary position. Milan wanks his throbbing cock as Tomas takes a turn on his ass. Honza is wanking too as Simon fucks him hard. With that dick deep in his ass, and him wanking hard it doesn't take long before Milan shoots a nice big load of cum. Tomas is ready to blow too and pulls out of Milan's ass and shoots over his body. He leans forward and kisses Milan. Honza is wanking hard and he cums too, milking his cock dry as Simon pulls out and deliver his load too. All those cocks are completely drained and the guys share a very cosy shower as they clean up after a very good scene.

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