Milan and Ivo RAW - Full Contact

You cant find a hotter pair than Milan Neoral and Ivo Kerk. In this scene Ivo is a photographer and Milan is his model. Ivo directs Milan in some poses, getting him to strip and pose in a jockstrap, showing off a hot body. Then Ivo decides that sexy body needs oiling and gets to work on it. But things get very hot and Ivo cannot help but suck on Milan's beautiful cock. Milan gets all excited too, his cock so hard, and starts stripping and kissing Ivo. He gets Ivo naked and sucks on his cock, then they stand and wank each other. Milan kneels on the chair and shows his ass off, with Ivo rubbing the hole and then rimming it. That ass looks so inviting and a finger slides in the hole. Ivo works that hole and then uses Milan's mouth to lube his cock before shoving it deep in that ass. He fucks Milan hard and fast, his cock going deep. Then Ivo sits on the chair and Milan slides his ass over that cock for more fucking He rides the cock real well, his own dick staying rock hard. Changing positions again Milan continues riding that dick and wanking himself, until he shoots his cum all over Ivo's hot chest. Then Ivo sits on the chair and wanks himself to a mighty cumshot as well. They finish things off with a nice hot kiss.

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