Jan and Felix - Screen Test - Full Contact

Jan Sedum agreed to come in for a screentest and we brought Felix Ryha in to complement him. As they sit on the sofa Felix interviews Jan. Felix then tells Jan that he should play with himself. Jan opens his jeans and slips a hand inside to do just that, He releases his cock and starts to wank it. Then each guy removes his tee-shirt. Jan's cock starts to get hard and he pushes his jeans down, and takes them off. Felix pushes his down too, and his cock is already swelling. Jan watches as Felix wanks his cock to its full length. With both nice and hard Felix runs a hand over one of Jan's legs and reaches over to lick a nipple and kiss his neck. He takes hold of Jan's cock and wanks it, moving down to take it in his mouth. He kisses Jan's body and gently sucks on his cock. Jan then does the same to Felix, following his lead. His mouth closes round Felix's rock hard cock and he sucks a little. Felix then has Jan lay on the sofa and climbs on top, head to toe so that they can 69. Jan is a quick learner and sucks that cock well. Felix sits up again for more sucking and wanking and then Jan sits and they both kiss. Jan stands and Felix sucks his cock some more before they can change places. Then Jan is moved onto his knees, so that his ass is on show. Felix examines that hot ass, spreading the cheeks to check the hole. Changing places with each other has Felix's ass on show and Jan fingering it. They then kneel facing each other and kiss again before Jan's ass becomes the subject of attention again. Felix fingers the tight hole, lubing it to ease the entry. His cock is rock hard and ready to fuck. He slides his big dick deep into Jan's ass and begins to fuck him with long, deep strokes. It is Jan's first time and he takes it very well indeed, that ass being stretched by Felix's cock. Felix then sits on the sofa and has Jan slide his ass over that big cock. He fucks Jan's ass real well. Moving to a missionary position Jan wanks himself as Felix fucks him some more. Having shown that he is really up for a nice fuck Jan lays back and wanks himself to a lovely cumshot. Felix, kneeling over Jan also wanks his cock and shoots his cum all over Jan's hot body. What a great screentest with both guys doing a great job.

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