Roman and Jiri RAW - Full Contact

Roman Koroza has a great body and Jiri Svach just loves rubbing oil into that hot chest. As his hands work over Roman's sexy body the two guys hiss. Jiri opens Roman's jeans and slips a hand inside. They kiss some more and Jiri's shirt is removed by Roman, showing that his body looks good too. As they grope each other their cocks get hard, and they remove their jeans. Jiri drops to his knees and sucks on Roman's throbbing cock, wanking himself at the same time. Roman fucks his hard cock in and out of Jiri's mouth, holding his head in place. Then Roman sits and takes Jiri's cock in mouth. He sucks it real good, his head being guided by Jiri's hand. Then Roman lays on the sofa and Jiri climbs over him so that they can 69, each sucking the other's cock so well. Jiri lays on the sofa, with his legs up, so that Roman can rim his hairy hole. That hole is so inviting and soon Roman's dick is sliding deep inside. He fucks that hot ass deep and hard, with Roman moaning all the while. Roman pushes Jiri's legs down onto his chest and really pounds away at that hot ass. Then they move, with Roman sitting and Jiri riding his cock. His ass slides all over that big hard dick, going all the way down the thick shaft. Jiri turns around and starts riding again, his own cock is rock hard as he takes Roman's. Then Jiri moves onto his knees, Roman's dick still slamming into his hole. He wanks himself as he takes that big cock and soon shoots his load all over the place. Roman pulls out and dumps his cum over Jiri's hot ass, before shoving his dick back inside. They share another hot kiss before going off to shower, after a great scene.

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