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Tomas Fuk - EROTIC SOLO - 19/06/2014

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03/01/2015 00:53 [by sebastiane]

Splendid-looking model. Only thing missing is a bush.

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02/01/2015 22:05 [by Midwest]

Yet another massage video where a cute model looks like he is not enjoying himself while being felt up by an old man. The model looks uncomfortable and apparently can't wait to cum so he can get out and collect his pay.

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02/01/2015 21:05 [by Swellguy]

What a fresh and delightfully tasty way to start the new year. I hope young master Holek is in for the long haul -- I'd love to see a lot more of him. Great model, great set.

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02/01/2015 20:33 [by Midwest]

Cute guy. Unfortunately, this video as well as many of the other massage and "erotic" solos left me with a limp dick because the cute guys are being mauled by old (and mostly overweight) old men. Why not have a cute young guy doing the massages? The comment from billc Orlando is along these same lines. I wonder how many of these cute models are scared off from this website because their first experience is with an old man? As I look through the models and the scenes they've done, I see a correlation between the models who have only done a casting and a massage or erotic video with an old man. Most of the models who have done more scenes have done unmolested solos or have been with a young man in their erotic solos or massages. Please stop scaring off the cute models.

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02/01/2015 18:58 [by Ty]

So fucking hot! Disappointed his happy trail was shaved off though =\

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02/01/2015 18:31 [by Bill]

I very much enjoy the beard and the body hair on this guy! He looks really sexy that way! I'm liking this direction in Czech/Slovak grooming!

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02/01/2015 11:10 [by Hans]

Very good. I especially like Hugo Antonin. But where is part 2. X-mas is long ago!!! Why this torture?

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02/01/2015 09:45 [by skips]

He's so handsome, gorgeous, masculine. Please don't shave your pubes

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Alberto Ronaldo - CASTING - 02/01/2015

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01/01/2015 16:35 [by treverbyn]

Peter Moloch's ass is one of the 7 wonders of the world. He is a novice, an ingenue in the business--but with good Higgins' training Peter could be a star power bottom. Can't wait to see more of Peter serving and his hot ass opened up....

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01/01/2015 07:46 [by skips]


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109 Photos 22:27 Video

Alberto Ronaldo - EROTIC SOLO - 01/01/2015

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Marek Prohodil - EROTIC SOLO - 04/09/2014

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01/01/2015 06:09 [by sebastiane]

What an enormous monster on that cute, thin boy! Too bad that the hard-on shower scene lasts 2:30 minutes.

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01/01/2015 00:15 [by Rob]

Thank you so much for another hand over mouth great to see Paul get his mouth covered...I'd love to see him cover a guy's mouth too...either here on WH or over at Str8hell Happy New Year to you and thanks for all of the great HOM scenes and for always having the hottest guys on the Internet! Rob :)

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31/12/2014 18:28 [by Tonie]

5 star boy

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31/12/2014 08:13 [by sebastiane]

Fantastic hard-on shower scene.

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31/12/2014 07:35 [by sebastiane]

Outstanding raging hard-on shower!

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31/12/2014 03:08 [by Yves]

wow. What a hot dude. Just got me crazy about him. Such a nice ass and hole. Really makes me wanting more.

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Martin Anderson - EROTIC SOLO - 29/12/2014

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30/12/2014 19:21 [by MikeVAUSA]

Back again after watching this scene again. Viktor is Hot and Gorgeous in any circumstance, but in the dark business suit he looks downright HANDSOME. Paul does a masterful job checking out Viktor's junk. Wish I could do that. Can't get enough of Viktor. A 10+

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30/12/2014 18:14 [by MikeVAUSA]

Loved the skateboard scene. These guy are really into each other. beautiful, fantastic. Paul is a master cocksucker, and Jirka is a speed fucker. Their intense kissing shows how these two enjoy each other and their cum eating is a perfect finish to an excellent scene. I was hoping Paul's big dick would plow Jirka's hole. A repeat of this scene in reverse would be most welcome. I, for one, would love to see Jirka eat Paul's ass. This one's a perfect 10. Does any one have an ass as beautiful as Jirka, and watching it rapid fuck Paul's lovely hole is worth the price of admission. Do these two make out behind the scenes? I hope so.

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206 Photos 25:53 Video

Paul and Jirka RAW - FULL CONTACT - 27/12/2014

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30/12/2014 17:45 [by luther5]

Often professional athletes are bought and sold like cattle. Using a similar office scenario as in this video, it might be interesting to see how team owners "interview" potential new members of their teams. College wrestlers, football players, baseball. Lots of possibilities. Seeing muscular athletes being given the order to strip in front of team owners would make for pleasant viewing, I'm sure most of us would agree.

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30/12/2014 07:15 [by sebastiane]

Agree with all the comments. Only thing Romi's lacking is a bush.

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137 Photos 9:25 Video

Romi Zuska - SESSION STILLS - 21/11/2014

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