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Friday, July 20, 2018 - Milos & Peter RAW - FULL CONTACT

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Milos & Peter RAW - FULL CONTACT


Sexy str8 guys Milos Ovcacek and Peter Lipnik have some great fun today. Peter is on the pone when Milos comes into the bedroom and starts for caress him. Peter ends his call and Milos helps him off with his tee shirt and then lays him down on the bed. He kiss Peter and feels over his chest. Then Milos pulls Peter's pants band down to get a quick taste of his cock. He moves back up and kisses Peter again. Then Peter pushes his pants down to release his big, hardening cock. Milos is quickly on it, taking hold and sucking that dick. His head bobs up and down as he sucks the cock. Then he licks and wanks it too. Milos deep throats that rock hard cock, his lips going all he way down on it until they touch Peter's balls. He continues to suck and wank on Peter's cock for a while. Then Peter gets completely naked and turns over, onto his belly. Milos likes that and quickly starts to rim Peter's hot hole. His tongue laps at the hole and he teases it it with a finger too. The ass is given some gentle slaps as well as Milos continues to rim the hole. He removes his shorts to reveal his massive, rock hard, cock as Peter turns onto his side. Milos presents his dick to the waiting ass and pushes in. That massive cock enters Peter's tight hole, slowly, and stretches it wide. Milos begins to gently fuck the tight hole going deeper and deeper as he begins to speed up. Soon his big cock is pushing all the way into the Peter's ass. Peter takes that dick so well as it fucks his ass. As Milos fucks that sexy ass he grabs Peter's cock and wanks it a bit too. Then Peter lays on his front and Milos climbs on top to fuck his ass harder. His cock pile-drives into the eager hole as the balls get tight around the shaft. That fat dick really works Peter's hole. It comes out and slams back in, with Peter's hole gaping as the cock pulls out. Peter turns over, onto his belly and Milos fucks him missionary style. His big cock fucks deep and hard as Peter moan. He grabs his own cock and starts to wank it as Milos continues to fuck his hole. The fucking gets even harder and Peter soon shoots his creamy cum onto his belly. He milks the cum from his cock as Milos keeps up his deep fucking . Then Milos pulls out and lays down to wank his big cock. He quickly dumps his hot cum onto himself as he kisses Peter to bring a great session to an end.

... more about Milos & Peter RAW - FULL CONTACT further in this newsletter

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Martin Polnak - MODEL INFOPetr Plodner - MODEL INFO
Where Martin Polnak lives MAPWhere Petr Plodner lives MAP





You can watch my Vlog for this Newsletter by clicking above or by going over to the Blog :  



Hot, hot, hot in Prague currently 27º. For us, that’s hot.

We have a great line-up today. One subscriber wrote:


Hi Bill,

I just saw Oleg Hubert's spanking on Str8Hell.  He is the gorgeous new Slovakian model.

About 11 minutes into the scene the "spanker" starts to fuck him with a long thin orange dildo and his reaction is exactly what you would expect from a straight lad doing it for the money..as he tries to treat it as a joke between the wincing because of the disconfort.

It really is a must see clip for guys who like to see a real reaction !!


Viewers might recall, Oleg is one of the two Slovak models who virtually walked out, extremely homophobic. Well, he did take something up the bumper chute. And guess what? He’s scheduled for more next week.

I also want to give a shout out to the Dream set suggested by David (thank you very much) of Dieter Muller. Almost a perfect type for me. What starts out as a solo quickly turns into a Helping Hand. I believe Dieter has much potential on the site.


We have a great line-up in today’s newsletter, starting with two fantastic str8 guys, Milos Ovacek and Peter Lipnik. Then we see Dieter Muller in a Dreamset suggested by David. We also have a wonderful Bonus Set that features Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Radim Hajek and Lukas Pribyl.

We have two very good candidates for casting today, Filip Openak and Kamil Genak. Both look good but Kamil gets my vote as pick of the day.






Open Set "Oleg Hubert - SPANKING"

Open Set "Tomas Salek - CFNM"


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William Higgins


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The direct link to "Milos Ovcacek and Peter Lipnik"

The direct link to "SOLO - Dieter Muller"

The direct link to "CFNM - Tomas Salek"

The direct link to "FOOT - Milan Neros"

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